Spinning both vinyl and CD's, DJ Steve has been entertaining the masses for over 15 years. Proving to be among the elite of spin doctors, this turntablist is known for his artistic and seamless transitional style. Dominating his listeners' ears, DJ Steve creates newfound urban sounds showcasing vocal trance, hip-hop and retro flavors. Not only is he able to drive the direction and tempo, his ability to diagnose a crowd promises party-goers a personalized and innovative mix guaranteed to make them a slave to his beat. Over recent years, he has created a solid reputation establishing his name in both public and private scenes.

With the expertise to deejay and the gift to emcee, DJ Steve thrives on entertaining and interacting with a hodgepodge of crowds. This world-traveled DJ has impressed global clubbers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Saigon. He has been known to cause a powerful stir among the dance community in international clubs like MGM, Eden2000, Icon, Catwalk, Purgatory, Q Bar, Gatsby and Apocalypse Now. These days you can follow his furious mixes in the clubbing districts of Houston, Texas.

Club owners, promoters, and event coordinators look forward to working with DJ Steve because of his professional and practical attitude about business and life. He best describes himself, with a smile, as "friendly" and "out-going." As DJ Steve's popularity continues to quickly gain momentum, his reputation for consistency and artistry also continues to make its mark throughout the entertainment scene.

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