Disc Jockey
Specializing in Vocal Trance with mixtures of Eighties, Latin and Hiphop tracks, DJ Steve indulges music lovers locally and internationally. Utilizing Vinyls, CDs and the latest in production applications, he skillfully showcases high energy, heart pounding, nonstop beats through and through.

Master Of Ceremony
Sharp, strong yet pleasing, the voice of the MC has to be in a way that is both charming and authoritative. Assigned with the task of Public Speaker, DJ Steve captured the attention of thousands during the Katrina Crisis. He has been Master of Ceremony for hundreds of weddings, galas, banquets and charity events. He will track and execute the program while keeping the audience attentive and entertained. Since the MC is the focal point of your event, make sure he is representative of you.

Event Planner
Advising, preparing and executing, an event planner must be very detail minded. Every aspect has to be considered and well designed. Access to reliable and professional resources is key to a successful event. We have the ideas, the talents and the equipments for your special event, whether it be a wedding for 800 guests, a charity concert for 2000 fans or a reunion for 100 family members. Let us plan your next event.

- Additions -

DJ Steve has invested and requires the most reliable and up-to-date audio/video instruments available in the market. Towering active powered speakers delivering accurate frequencies for any size venue. Mixers and mixing boards to fine tune the exact degree of a beat. Top names in turntables and cd players, along with industry grade video screens and karaoke machines. Sound technology available for small lounges to massive concert stadiums.

An event is not complete without the effects of lighting. It is essential to have the light and color to convey the mood. LEDs, strobes, lasers, spots, scanners and smoke machines will surely set the atmosphere.

With the use of plasma screens and high definition projectors, your past memories and memories to come are shared at any angle of the venue.

Presentation with audio and animation are designed with the help of the latest production software available. These digitals can be viewed before, during or after the event.

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